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The film is split into three stories, with interstitial content before and after each story. The three stories are "Aim To Please" (focusing on Cinderella hosting her first palace ball), "Tall Tail" (in which the mouse Jaq wishes to be ...more » Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002)
Jordan Cahill's cell phone is a Palm Treo 600 smartphone. See more » Goofs When they spot the bike in the park by the pipe and stop to get out, the boom mic is reflected in the hood of the mini van. ...more » Stuck in the Suburbs (2004)
Burt Reynolds turned down the role of Doctor W.F. Carver. See more » Goofs At the beginning of the film when Sonora rips the lace off her skirt to use as a rope to guide the horse with the lace is short as ...more » Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991)
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